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From July 10th to July 14th, FYEG GA takes place in Strasbourg. I’m candidating to join the Global Young Greens Steering Committee. Here is my motivation letter :


Dear Member Organisations representatives,

During the next FYEG General Assembly, I want to candidate to become a member of the Global Young Greens Steering Committee.

As the international officer of the French Young Greens, Jeunes Écologistes, for the past year, I have seen how difficult it could be to mobilise beyond borders. Since September 2013 and the World Car Free Day, GYG hasn’t been able to mobilise its member organisations and is now falling asleep. I think we need a strong long term project to involve the member organisations as much as possible and I think COP 21 could be this long term project.

In November 2015, Paris will host the Climate Change Negociations COP 21. In order to make a success of this Conference, we need the strongest mobilization of the Civil Society. In Paris, local and national organisations start to coalize to organise the Civil Society Mobilisation before and during the COP, including the COY (Conference of Youth). It’s crucial to have a strong link between these local and national coalitions and the international networks that are present in every COP. As a Jeunes Écologistes representative, I’ve started to work within these coalitions and I want to put this at the service of GYG.

As a GYG SC member, I want to work on mobilising the GYG member organisations for COP 21 through common actions, fundraising to allow activists from the whole world to come in Paris, building a bridge between local, national and global organisations.

In order to do so, I need your vote and I hope you will give it to me during Strasbourg General Assembly next month.

Green Greetings,


Antoine Tifine


Downloads :

Letter of Support from Cyprus YG
Letter of Support from Grüne Jugend
Letter of Support Jeunes Ecologistes
Letter of Support Joves d’Esquerra Verda (Catalonia)
Letter of Support Junge Grüne (Austria)